Lord Shambleton - The Band

Lord Shambleton was founded by Riley Kennedy-Keys, Dan Fair, and Drew Mohr, who all met each other in Humboldt County, California, getting into a mess of shenanigans and occasionally playing music along the way. Upon migrating to Seattle, and with the help of friends-of-friends-of-siblings-of-friends-of-ex-bandmates-of-friends-of-uncles-of-friends (more or less), they connected with drummer Jordan Wiegert, and it was magic, I tell ya, MAGIC!

The story continues on a bright, cold, February afternoon. Dan Fair, Guitarist Extraordinaire, had spent the day roaming around Seattle, in pursuit of his lifelong dream of finding a box of money. He became quite thirsty, and decided to make a pit stop at the mystery soda machine on John Street in the Capital Hill neighborhood. 

As he sipped his 75 cent beverage of indeterminate flavor, he noticed a folded piece of paper in the vending machine slot, which read on the outside "musicians ISO benefactor, inquire within." Dutifully, Dan inquired within, where he found detailed instructions on how to pursue such a musical benefactor. The nature of those instructions cannot be shared here, for it would be a gross violation of a very strict contractual arrangement. Suffice it to say that Dan's simple act of observance, followed by a precise adherence to the instructions contained within that elegantly scribed note, has now led to the collaboration of the century between Lord Shambleton the band, and Lord Shambleton the man.
This historic partnership has resulted in in the inimitable ensemble know as Lord Shambleton, an eclectic, genre-bending 4-piece instrumental ensemble which creates a unique sonic blend of contemporary jazz, funk and R&B mixed with strong roots in Trinidadian calypso and other Afro-Caribbean styles. Equal parts dance music and progressive-minded fusion, this quartet brings a high energy performance that is sure to captivate the bodies and minds of all of its listeners.


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