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It is difficult to describe Lord Shambleton’s music, though several notable scholars have tried. What began as a trio of old friends playing calypso music for food scraps has morphed into a 4-piece powerhouse that has defied genre classification, merely through their own millennial indecisiveness. Are they a jazz band? Chief of Jazz Police Sam Arlis definitively states “probably not.” A rock band, perhaps? Trolling Bones magazine writes, “Shambleton possess the energy of a live rock show, while lacking every other fundamental element of rock n roll.” The World Music Alliance of Rural Minnesota declined to comment on the matter.
While no one has yet to agree on how to classify them, it has been universally agreed upon that their performances are not to be missed. Set to release their debut album, “Tales from Amazonia,” in the spring of 2020, this eclectic ensemble comprised of Dan Fair on guitar, Riley Kennedy-Keys on steel pan, Drew Mohr on bass, and Jordan Wiegert on drums, never fails to deliver an exciting and engaging performance, and are well worth leaving the house for, even on the gloomiest Seattle evenings.


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